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 I. Circle the best option to complete each sentence:

1.Could you tell me _________ you don’t like living in a big city?

a. how             b. when                      c. where                       d. why

2.“ _________ are they?”. “Oh, the President’s daughters”

a. Who            b. Whom                     c. Which                      d. That

3._________ book is this, yours or mine?

a. what            b. whose                      c. with                         d. whom

4._________ did you get to Brighton? By train

a. when           b. where                        c. why                         d. how

5.Do you know that girl? _________ is her name?

a. How            b. Which                        c. What                        d. Who

6.How _________ will the journey take? Two hours or more?

a. often            b. far                           c. much                        d. long

7._________ is that bike? It’s Tom’s

a. Whose         b. Who                      c. Where                      d. When

8._________ is her job? She’s a doctor

a. Who            b. What                      c. Whose                     d. Which

9.The dog bit _________ on the leg

a. hers             b. her                       c. she                           d. he

10._________ are going camping over the weekend

a. We                b. us                       c. our                           d. He

II. Write these sentences using subject and object pronouns instead of the underlined words:

1. John and I saw Peter yesterday. He bought John and me a cup of coffee


2. David and Mike are arriving today. I’m meeting David and Mike at the station


3. I’m looking for Mary. Have you seen Mary? Mary isn’t at home


4. Peter and I saw a film called The Tiger yesterday. Have you seen The Tiger?


5. Come to the swimming pool with Joanna and me. Joanna and I are leaving now


6. George and Jane are meeting Paul today. Paul is having lunch with George and Jane


7. There’s Jack. Jack’s got a heavy suitcase. Shall we help Jack?


8. “Did you see Jonathon last night?” “No, I phoned Jonathon but Jonathon wasn’t there”


III. Write the questions to which the underlined words are the answers:

1. I was born in 1980


2. My father was born in White House


3. My address is 3 Le Loi street


4. It’s very hot in HCM in March


5. It takes two hours to ride to Vung Tau by motorbike


6. It’s Mr. Dawson’s car


7. I go to school by bike


8. My sister speaks English fluently


9. Lan drank your lemon juice



10. Her brother weighs 50 kilos


11. I have learnt English for 6 months


12. This bridge is 5 meters long



13. My mother goes shopping once a month


14. He was absent from school because he felt sick


15. Mr. Pike enjoys travelling


16. There are ten trees in the garden


17. The cat is in the box


18. Those are her pencils


19. Her brother has breakfast at 6 o’clock every morning


20. My mother works in a hospital


English Pronouns Small Ca
English Pronouns Small Ca



I. Complete the sentences, putting the verbs into the present continuous or present simple:

1. Tim (live) _______ in Manchester but he (spend) _______ this month in Wales

2. A: _______ (you/work) today?

    B: No, I _______. I usually (work) _______ on Fridays but I’ve got the day off

3. A: What _______ (Josephine/do)

    B: She (be) _______ a teacher but she (not teach) at the moment. She (look) _______ for a job.

4. A: Can I have that paper or _______ (you/read) it?

    B: No, I (not read) _______ it. I never (read) _______ that paper. I (prefer) _______ the Daily News

5. A: _______ (This bag/belong) to you?

    B: No, It _______, but I (know) _______ Anita (look) _______ for her bag

6. I (not smoke) _______ but my husband _______. He (try) _______ to stop at the momet but it’s not easy

7. _______ (you/remember) my friend Matthew? He (stay) _______ with me at the moment

8. A: _______ (you/speak) German?

    B: No, I _______, but I (want) _______ to learn. I (look) _______ for a coursebook.

9. Emma and Katie usually (visit) _______ me on Saturdays but they _______ (camp) in the New Forest this weekend.

10. A: _______ (Simon/help) you very much?

      B: No, not usually, but he (help) me today

11. A: What _______ (you/do)?

      B: I (write) _______ a letter to my parents. I (write) _______ them every weekend

12. A: Let’s go out B: Look! It (snow) _______ outside. It (come) _______ down quite hard

13. A: What time _______ (you/usually/start) work?

      B: Normally, We (start) _______ work at eight o’clock, but we (start) _______ at seven this weekend. We’re very busy at the moment

14. A: _______ (you/listen) to the radio? B: No, You can turn it off

15. A: _______ (you/look) for someone?

      B: Yes, I (need) _______ to sepak to Neil. Is he in?

      A: Yes, but I (think) _______ he’s busy. He (talk) _______ to the boss at the moment.

16. A: I (want) _______ a new computer. I (save) _______ up to buy one.

      B: But computers (cost) _______ so much money. What’s wrong with the one we’ve got.

      A: It (get) _______ out of date.  Now

17. A: What _______ (you/do)?

      B: I (weigh) _______ this letter. I (need) _______ to know how many stamps to put on it

18. A: I (think) _______ this road is really dangerous. Look how fast that lorry (go) _______

      B: I (agree) _______. People shouldn’t go so fast

19. A: I (always/fall) _______ asleep. I just can’t keep awake.

      B: What time _______ (you/go) to bed?

      A: About ten o’clock usually. But It (not/make) _______ any difference

20. A: Are you free on Friday?

      B: No, We’re very busy now. We (have) _______ a party on Sunday.

II. Are the underlined verbs right or wrong? Correct the verbs that are wrong

1. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius                                    _______

2. The water boils. Can you turn it off?                                   _______

3. Let’s go out. It doesn’t rain now                                          _______

4. Listen to those people. What language do they speak?     _______

5. The moon goes round the earth                                          _______

6. I must go now. It gets late                                                   _______

7. I usually go to work by car                                                  _______

8. “Hurry up! It’s time to leave”. “I come”                                 _______

9. I hear you’ve got a new job. How do you get on?                _______

10. John is never satisfied. He always complain                     _______


I. Complete the sentences, putting the verbs into the past continuous or past simple:

1. When the postman (come) _______, I (have) _______ breakfast

2. My sister (wash) _______ dishes while I (work) _______ in the garden

3. While I (talk) _______ to John, the telephone (ring) _______

4. Mr. Taylor (watch) _______ television while his wife (read) _______ a newspaper

5. When I (leave) _______ the house this morning, It (rain) _______ very hard

6. John (talk) _______ to his friends when I (see) _______ him

7. I (see) _______ a bad accident while I (wait) _______ for you in this corner

8. As we (cross) _______ the street, the policeman (shout) _______ at us

9. That tourist (lose) _______ his camera while he (walk) _______ around the city

10. It (snow) _______ when I (get) _______ up this morning

11. Albert Einstein (die) _______ in 1955

12. Tom (go) _______ to the post office twice yesterday.

13. He (fall) _______ while he (go) _______ down the stairs

14. What _______ she (do) when you (arrive) _______ there? She (write) _______ a letter

15. She (have) _______ her bath while her sister (get) _______ the breakfast ready

16. I (go) _______ to ask you to help me, but you (sleep) _______ so peacefully when I (look) _______ into your room that I (decide) _______ to do it alone

17. I (look) _______ up at the sky, dark clouds (gather) _______

18. Just as I (write) _______ the letter, the inkpot (fall) _______ over

19. Mr. Nam (cook) _______ dinner when we (arrive) _______

20. What _______ (you/do) when I (telephone) _______ you last night?

II. Complete the sentences, putting the verbs into the correct tenses:

1. I (get) _______ hungry. Let’s go and have something to eat

2. Be quiet! I (want) _______ to hear the news broadcast

3. What _______ you (do) yesterday?

4. I (get) _______ up very early, (have) _______ my breakfast and then I (go) _______ to my office

5. Egypt (produce) _______ some of the finest cotton in the world

6. What _______ she (do) when you (arrive) _______ at her house yesterday morning?

7. She (cook) _______ her breakfast in the kitchen

8. What _______ you usually (read) when you (be) _______ on holiday?

9. I (read) _______ detective stories. Now I (read) _______  “The Shut door” by Ivor Lock

10. Ann (wait) _______ for me when I (arrive) _______

11. Mary (usually/phone) _______ me on Fridays but She (not phone) _______ last Friday

12. What’s the noise? What (happen) _______ ?

13. Yesterday evening, the phone (ring) _______ three times while we (have) _______ dinner

14. Why are you under the table? You (look) _______ for something?

15. _______ You (watch) TV last night? No, I (have) _______ supper and (go) _______ straight to bed

16. I (not like) _______ staying at hotels, but last summer, we (spend) _______ a few days at a very nice hotel by the sea.

17. Linda (be) _______ busy when we (go) _______ to see her yesterday. She (study) _______ for an exam. We (not want) _______ to disturb her, so we (not stay) _______ very long

18. When I first (tell) _______ Tom the news, he (not believe) _______ me. He (think) _______ that I (joke) _______

19. We usually (go) _______ to Spain on holiday, but this year we (go) _______ to France

20. We can go out now. It (not rain) _______ any more

21. The sun (warm) _______ the air and (give) _______ us light

22. What speed _______ the car (do) at the time of the accident?

23. They (study) _______ in the library when the fire alarm (go) _______ off

III. Circle the best option to complete each sentence:

1. She usually _____ two hours a day

a. work                  b. is working                    c. works                       d. working

2. Don’t make noise. My mother _________ with her friends

a. is talking           b. was talking                   c. talks                         d. talked

3. Listen! They _________ about the exhibition . Let’s join them

a. talk                    b. talked                           c. are talking               d. have talked

4. Where _____ your sister born?

a. were                 b. was                                c. did                           d. is

5. We _____ have white wine, but we _____ red wine

a. didn’t/had           b. don’t/had                    c. did/didn’t                d. didn’t/have

6. When did you _________ see him?

a. recently              b. already                         c. last                           d. lately

7. I _________ a bath when the phone rang

a. was having          b. had                             c. am having                d. have

8. I _____ her two week ago

a. seen                     b. was seeing                c. saw                          d. have seen

9. I _____ to his house in 1991

a. moved                  b. have been moving     c. have moved             d. was moving

10. He came into the room while they _________ television

a. have watched       b. watched                     c. were watching         d. have been watching

11. I fell asleep when I _____ television

a. am watching          b. am being watched     c. was watching          d. All are correct

12. They _____________ last week

a. didn’t come           b. came not                     c. don’t come            d. did come

13. Where are Geoff and Anne? _____________ in the garden

a. They’re sitting         b. They sitting                c. There sitting            d. They’re siting

14. It’s very cold today and _____

a. It’s snowing             b. it snows                      c. its snowing              d. it snowing

15. She goes to the library twice a week. She _____________ read books there

a. never                       b. usually                       c. rarely                       d. once

16. At nine o’clock yesterday morning, we _____________ for the bus

a. are waiting              b. waited                         c. were waiting            d. was waiting

17. Tom _________ his hand when he was cooking the dinner

a. burnt                      b. was burning                 c. has burnt                  d. had burnt

18. He _________ me every Sunday, and we often go fishing together

a. came to see          b. comes to see                c. will be coming to see    d. All answer are correct

19. The phone rang while she _________ dinner

a. cooks                     b. was cooking                  c. is cooking                d. has cooked

20. My sister _________ trouble with her motobike now, so she has to take the bus to work

a. have                       b. is having                       c. was having              d. had

21. When my mum got home, _________

a. the dinner be cooked                   b. I was cooking dinner

c. I am cooking dinner                     d. the dinner deing cooked

22. Emma and Katie usually _________ their grandmother at weekends

a. have visited               b. visits                        c. visit                          d. are visiting

23. Peter was reading a book by Mark Twain _________ his friends came

a. while                           b. when                      c. during                      d. if

24. Look! That boy _________ an elephant over there

a. fed                             b. was feeding              c. feeds                        d. is feeding

25. He _________ in London at the moment

a. studies                   b. has studied                     c. is studying               d. will study

English have stand star platinum
English have stand star platinum

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