Top những chủ đề Tiếng Anh thường gặp nhất trong Tiếng Anh 11 Mới

Chào các bác, chuyện là hôm nay dọn dẹp điện thoại thì tôi tìm thấy một vài đoạn văn ngắn Tiếng Anh viết lúc lớp 11. Thật ra lúc này vẫn còn dốt Tiếng Anh lắm, ngữ pháp cũng có chỗ sai , nhưng vì là kỉ niệm nên toi quyết định vẫn sẽ để ^^ Dù sao thì đọc cũng sẽ có ý để viết bài văn nên các bác hãy đọc nhé. Biết đâu lại phát hiện lỗi của mình hổng chừng.

suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167
suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167

1. Why do you want to be independent?

To me, when i am a independent person i feel confident and believes in myself. Independent help me to have many necessary skills. Specifically, It helps me to become stronger. I can make decisions on my own without relying on anyone. I tried a lot to do it. Firstly, I always completed the work without the help of others. Sencondly, I always remember what I had to do without being reminded. Finally, i try decide thư way to solve problems decisively and quickly. Besides, my parents also make condition to me become independent. When i was young, they let me sleep alone. I have to choose my own about clothes, book… In the future, I will continue to maintain those things. I done, how about you?

suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167 5
suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167 5

2. Family rules

I am a part of nuclear family. although my parents are open-minded, my family also has many rules. Fristly, my parent make me return home before 10:00pm. They said I can be in danger if I stayed out at night. Sencondly, my parents forbid me to swear. Because my parent don’t like it. Besides, i also take my study seriously. Finally, my parents want me to clean my room. Sometimes, i feel uncomfortable but i know my parents just want me to become better. I still continue maintain all thing. Anyway, i love my family so much.

suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167 3
suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167 3

3. Helping people in need

Given that situation, I think we need ways to help them.Now i will talk about the people in need. Specially the old people living alone. Certainly, they have to face with many disadvantages such as: lacking of the food, money, the care.They also feel lonely. Given that situation, I think we need ways to help them.The most nescessary thing we need is the cooperation between society and people. Firstly, social organization have to organize The free health examination to they can check their health. Secondly, we will give money to they can buy food, clothes or everything they need. Thirdly, we will often visit and chat with them to they do not feel lonely. Besides, We also encourage their neighbors to help them when they need such as: helping the household chore, taking care of when they are sick… In conclusion, teenagers young people, or the elderly are important members of the community. Let’s join hands to protect them, protect our community.

4. Family conflicts

If anyone says they have never had a conflict with their parents … They will lie. A conflict is that it means a very serious agruments that usually lasts for a long time or a conflict of opinion, viewpoint. personally I have a lot of conflicts with my parents. Firstly, my parents want me to follow in his foot step, they want me to become a doctor but i don’t like it. Secondly, they always complain about my eating habit. They want to eat vegetables and fruit more. But i can’t. It has terrible smell. Finally, my father make me take my studies seriously but my mother want me to do more household chore. I don’t have many time So I can’t well two things at the same time. It make my parents feel unpleased. Sometimes i feel very sad. I will try explain to my parents can understand me and improve myself to they can feel pleases. In conclusion, Conflict in the family is inevitable. So let’s listen and share more!

5. The way to learn English better?

You spend a lot of time learning English but your English is still very bad. Do you want to learn English better? If you say yes, try the ways below. These are all ways of learning languages from the linguists in the world that we collected.1. Learn 625 basic words: Use pictures, do not translate into your native language“When you start learning any language, I recommend that you start with the most common, most certain words, because you will have to use them often. The 80/20 rule is like this: Why do we have to learn the word ‘niece’ from the beginning, if we have to use the word ‘mother’ more often 80 times? “According to Gabriel Wyner, author of Fluent Forever.2. Videotape: use the raw form“Learning all forms of verbs is very difficult, especially for the past and the past. Try using this 7-letter formula to describe most situations. Sounds so attractiveThis formula is as follows:Subject + verb + predicate → subject + verb + verb + verb (verb)Do you find it effective? This formula allows you to use all kinds of verbs in many different sentences without even knowing how to divide the verbs. Just know how to use the auxiliary verb, the rest is to remember the raw verb, “says Nick Schaferhoff, on FluentU.3. Communicate, communicate and communicate“If there is a secret to mastering a new language, that is: practicing communication for hours with people who know the language better than you. One hour of practical communication (with corrective and supportive dictionaries) is worth 5 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of self study, “said Mark Manson, author of The Woman Who Suffers in a true way of life.We hope these ways will help you learn Enghlish better. Let’started and give us your comment if you have good result.

suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167
suu tam top nhung cau noi lam thuc tinh ban 71167 kĩ

6. Environments 

So how to protect the environment in the most optimal way? We will show you the best things to protect the environment.ANECO is a unique product that looks like plastic, is useful as plastic because it is made entirely of biological materials.ANECO’s life cycle of fully biodegradable products consists of 5 stages:Stage 1: from sugar, vegetable oil and starch to form biological materialsStage 2: Biological materials will be processed into AnEco productsStage 3: AnEco products after use completely decomposeStage 4: AnEco decomposes to form organic humus for the soilStage 5: Organic soil helps plants grow into raw materials to continue AnEco’s life cycle.This material has replaced the production of some everyday items such as straws, cups, spoons, knives, paper cups, biodegradable plastic bags.Glass bottles are discarded and there is almost no solution. For every 20 bottles collected: one will become a candlelight, one will become a potted plant and the remaining 18 will be crushed completely mixed with cement and a few other ingredients. We can Create real building bricks to build houses. With each house built, we can recycle 50,000 glass bottles. Your home will be twice as sustainable and nature will be twice as beautiful.Also, we can open fashion ceremonies with plastic items. It helps maintain the service life of plastic items.Trứ:Well,These things help reduce pollution and environmental damage caused by the exploitation of natural resources such as oil, minerals …, how do you think about this?Như: -Recycling of plastic waste is a process that requires a lot of manpower to collect, classify and treat garbage.-Therefore, it contributes to create jobs for many people.-One of the biggest benefits of recycling plastic waste is helping save energy-In particular, use 30% of trash recycled each year, are saving nearly 45 billion gallons of oil and reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent decreased by 25 million cars run on the road.-What should we do to protect the environment, now?Trứ: -we should reduce the habit of using plastic wasteI- hope the environment will be more beautiful with good habits.Như: sounds good.Thank you for listening.

( chủ đề này là  bị thiếu mất đoạn kết⊂((・▽・))⊃ toi không biết ở đâu nữa vì viết rất lâu rồi, các bác xem thông cảm giúp toi nhé, nhân tiện đây vốn là bài nói nên phần cuối có đoạn đối thoại ^^)

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